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Cisco cpu process load meter

cisco cpu process load meter

If the utilization is above 50, are you encouraged to debug packets or to debug events?
Once you have completed the chapter, you should reevaluate yourself with the questions in the "Q A" hacker de cupons ddtank 337 section at the end.Line Card (Slot 1 protocol Interface Address, iP POS7/0 point2point(23) 105 packets, 7319 bytes FF030021 FIB LC 00:00:00 IP Serial1/8.500 point2point(20) 16936 packets, 1131316 bytes 7C4103CC FIB LC 00:00:00 IP Serial1/10 point2point(19) 123388 packets, 9156159 bytes 0F000800 FIB LC 00:00:00 IP ATM5/0.102 point2point(47) 412342 packets.Router#sh processes cpu solidworks 2010 32 bit serial CPU utilization for five seconds: 6/7; one minute: 8; five minutes: 9 PID Runtime(ms) Invoked uSecs 5Sec 1Min 5Min TTY Process.00.00.00 0 Chunk Manager.00.00.00 0 Load Meter.00.00.00 0 ospf Hello.00.03.00 0 Check heaps.00.00.Briefly describe the advantages of Netflow switching.If the output of show buffer command displays a large number of misses, increasing the value of which one of the buffer management parameters (Permanent, Min-Free, Max-Free, Initial) will most likely remedy the situation?Which command causes the router to attempt to produce a core dump when it crashes?How are those numbers interpreted?The show processes command's output provides two numbers separated by a slash (for example, 4/4) for the CPU utilization over the last five seconds.With regard to speed and switching optimization, how did Cisco Systems improve the Cisco 7500 routers (in comparison to the 7000 series)?Execute a microcode reload on the line card in slot.Router#execute-on slot 1 show adj det.Clear counters so that it will be easy to determine the line card that has the process level switching.Well, it could be also one of attacks, route leak or etc.Before you activate Debug, what are some of its characteristics that you should consider?The below is sample of output.When you see a latency or slow response to your windows doctor 2.5 portable destination, check your router CPU time.The answers are provided in Appendix A, "Answers to Quiz Questions." If you are having difficulty providing correct answers, you should thoroughly review the entire chapter.If all or most of your answers are correct, you might want to skim this chapter for only those subjects you need to review.Finally, use the companion CD-ROM to evaluate your knowledge of the topics and see if you need a review.Again, due to the impact that certain troubleshooting commands (debug, for example) have on some of the router's internal operationsand ultimately on the router's performancethese commands have to be used selectively, properly, and temporarily.
Which of the route caching methods are not enabled by default?