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Avs: 960x540, 24000/1001 fps, 155327 frames y4m info: 960x540p 1:1 @ 24000/1001 fps (cfr) x264 info: using SAR1/1 x264 info: using cpu capabilities: MMX2 SSE2Fast ssse3 FastShuffle SSE4.2 x264 info: profile High, level.0 x264 info: cabac1 ref11 deblock1:-2:-1 analyse0x3:0x133 meumh subme11 psy1 fade_compensate0.00 psy_rd1.15:0.03.¬ęDarkening theaters December.Lemony Snicket '..
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Cmp autotools version 6.3

cmp autotools version 6.3

Changed silent casting of null false into an Object when adding a property into a warning.
Odbc: Fixed bizhub 500 service manual bug #69975 (PHP segfaults when accessing nvarchar(max) defined columns).(Ilia) Fixed bugs #39361, #39400 (mbstring function overloading problem).FPM: Fixed bug #64915 (error_log ignored when daemonize0).Fixed bug #67308 (Serialize of DateTime truncates fractions of second).(Hannes) Fixed bug #42468 (Write lock on file_get_contents fails when using a compression stream).Fixed bug #68088 (New Posthandler Potential Illegal efree vulnerability).There was a lot of duplicated checking in vrrp_parser.(Wez) Fixed bug #28125 (ArrayObject leaks when accessing elements).It was the second attempt to register this keepalived-global MIB that generated the "duplicate registration" warning.(Ilia, suhachov at gmail dot com) Fixed bug #39458 (ftp_nlist returns false on empty dirs).Mike Fixed bug #67724 (chained zlib filters silently fail with large amounts of data).Fixed issue #140 doesn't respect "validate_freq".) snmp: Fixed snmp_ERR_toobig handling for bulk walk operations.Fixed bug #61097 (Memory leak in xmlrpc functions copying zvals).Fixed bug #66820 (out-of-bounds memory access in fileinfo) (CVE ).(Ilia, Jani) Changed reflection constants be both PHP and class constants.(fat) PDO: Fixed bug #52699 (PDO bindValue writes long int 32bit enum).(Arnaud) Fixed bug #45178 (memory corruption on assignment result of "new" by reference).Fixed bug #68735 (fileinfo out-of-bounds memory access).(Tony) Fixed bug #41433 pokemon black and white 2 game for pc (DBA: configure fails to include correct.(Ilia) Fixed bug #43559 (array_merge_recursive doesn't behave as expected with duplicate null values).
(Ilia) Improved snmp extension: (Jani) Renamed snmp_set_oid_numeric_print to snmp_set_oid_output_format.
(Andrey, Curt) Version.0.1 Changed destructor mechanism so that destructors are called prior to request shutdown.