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Medical pg entrance question papers pdf

medical pg entrance question papers pdf

Aiims PG Exam November 2007 question paper with key.
Disseminated gonococcal infection is best treated with: (A) Penicillin (B) Ceftriaxone (C) Streptomycin (D) Cotrimoxazole 128.The following waw nazi zombies mods bone does NOT take part in the formation of the medial wall of the orbit: (A) Greater wing of sphenoid (B) Ethmoid (C) Lacrimal (D) Frontal process of maxilla 109.Besides the presence of tight junctions, the penetration of a drug into the CNS is restricted by: (A) High lipophilicity of a drug (B) P-glycoprotein (C) Inflammation (D) Specific uptake transporters.Post-exposure prophylaxis in health care personnel is recommended in all, except: (A) Rabies (B) Influenza (C) Diphtheria (D) Hepatitis.Kerala CEE Medical PG Admit Card 2017: Candidates eligible to appear for the Entrance Examination for admission to the PG Medical(Degree/Diploma) Courses -2015 will be issued with the admit cards which can be downloaded from the website from the date notified.The condition in which normally odorless apocrine secretions produce foul odor is-known as: Bromhidrosis Chromhidrosis Hematidrosis Hyperhidrosis 123.Examrace is a subsidiary of Mindsprite Solutions.Which of the following vaccines can be given at birth?Prepare the short notes for important topics and formulae.Which is the portion of the quadriceps that crosses two joints?Which of the following is true about arbovirus viremia?Number of questions 300 Multiple Choice Questions.
There many online practice set of Kerala CEE Medical PG question answers quiz.
Which of the following diseases spread through water?