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N ninja level editor

n ninja level editor

You know how when you've been playing Tony Hawk for a while, you start seeing places to grind and do a wicked series of tricks as you walk around the real world?
N is as much a puzzle game as it is a platformer, and levels which exploit both aspects of the game are 17 times more fun to make and play.Your level has to be fun to play.Important: the level must be in its initial state when you begin recording, or your demo won't play back properly.This handy feature lets you review your strategies, and more importantly, prove to your friends that the level you built is actually beatable.It's so easy to go overboard with gold.The second level suffers from too many objects disease.W End demo playback For when youre done watching your demo.Pressing / pulls up the debug menu.R Reset objects, t Resetedit, p Continue playing level 1 Begin recording demo 2 Stop recording demo, q Begin demo playback (warning: resets objects).Press R to reset the level before recording, especially if you've changed the level by playing in debug mode.But what constitutes a good level?Here's what people are saying about N: "there are few platformers, classic or modern, that can rival N in terms of physics, fluidity, level design and sheer size." "When you learn to chain together light wall jumps, and when you've learned to bunny hop between.So, classic menu for word 2010 key first things first, you'll need to download.Due to time constraints, they were not able to get it to that point but it is useable, and i find that once you get the hang of it, designing levels is pretty fun.
The idea of needing to hurry is integral to N, so that fits well.