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Neverwinter nights diamond patch

neverwinter nights diamond patch

Fixed the level up wizard duplicating Special Abilities from the Creature Properties window.
This patch does work almost the same way as old official patches in past.Fixed a crash when certain scripts try delete polymorphed creature items.Fixed crash when reloading a saved game from within a running game (as a DM) when the saved game contained a DM saved character.The game will then automatically launch, load the module, select the first available premade character in the list and enter gameplay with that character.Fixed the following scripting commands to return the correct information (they were reversed before GetAnimalCompanionName GetFamiliarName GetFamiliarCreatureType.Fixed a bug with the Chain Lightning spell (was not capped properly).Fix to texture replacements.Added a tooltip for quickbar "Assign Command".Added more informative user feedback on why their new server vault character was rejected.Fixed item properties "Immunity: Damage Type Positive Energy" and "Immunity: Damage Type Negative Energy" Fixed issue, where if you lost a level and no longer had the required level for an item that you had equipped, your character would become illegal.Fixed progress frame having red X's for all steps when reopening a plot or an existing plot node.Fixed bug where resizing the area so that the Start Location becomes invalid would cause a crash.Fixed pop-up GUIs appearing on top of the load screen.Fixed how damage resistance works against weapons that do more than one type of damage (e.g.Fixed it so that campaign hints do not show up in user created modules.
First param is int for vfx second is duration in seconds (float, optional).
Added Hak conflicts dialog.