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Seeburger unterstützt Sie dabei: Mit Erfahrung und Expertise Seit 30 Jahren der Spezialist für alle Mit effizienten Lösungen Alles aus einer Hand, alles auf einer Plattform keine Patchworklösungen durch zugekaufte Software.API integration and API management: Connect systems and applications.Collaboration between IT and specialist departments.Der »seeburger Business Integration Server«..
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Oracle oci 10g client

oracle oci 10g client

And it looks like, it depends on how your path variable has been constructed.
For various operational reasons, I'd prefer to go with ( 1 ) above.Now try pinging orcl(an entry in my tnsnames.But it looks like BI Administrator would always pick the one that is entered first(or the latest install among the 2 databases).However, I am not sure whether a 9i OCI client can work with a 10g Oracle server.This is on a sun4u box, albeit with 32-bit binaries.Can this be done?Free, light-weight, and easily installed Oracle Database tools, libraries and SDKs for building and connecting applications to an Oracle Database instance.I do not have oracle_home set on my machine.Find best Answer, tags: perl oracle client oci, by : Max.Ora file used is the one that comes from D:oraclebise1dbnetworkadmin which means that our OCI path has changed and i can start using my tnsnames entries in this path.For example, let me take a sample path variable.Our DBA team is planning to upgrade the server to 10g, namely.In Solaris games for windows marketplace client offline install and unix we do not have the problem since we explicitly have to specify the oracle_home in the or files.Well, looks like the only way as of now is to have all the entries in the same tnsnames.I have been trying to figure out how OBI EE finds oracle_home in Windows machines.In the case above, the Oracle Home used would be D:oracleproduct10.2.0db_1bin.I'm in charge of a Perl application that uses DBD:Oracle compiled against a OCI client.