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Simcity 4 money mod mac

simcity 4 money mod mac

I'm no expert, more of a dabbler, but I'll tell you what's been working for. .
If youre tired of seeing your Sim cities running at a constant deficit just because you gave the people water and schools, this is the plugin you need.
BuildingPlop (Allows you to plop any building into your map, no waiting for requirements to be met.
Dependencies should be listed on the file page of whatever lot you're trying to download, many files have none so it's not always an issue.SimCity 4 Deluxe General Discussions Topic Details, mods for SimCity 4 Deluxe ( OS X).Download what you think is the mod itself and there'd be a little note listing two other files you need to make it work, which may or may not be available any more due to an update or being moved to a different site.This extra cheats mod adds cheats that allow you to set your treasury to whatever amount of simoleons you like (effectively creating an infinite money cheat to turn off both power and water requirements for buildings, to change your towns name, to enable God Mod.Jeronij's jagged edges mod (smooths jagged diagonals, easier wall building and better overall smooth diagonals).Some downloaded lots have dependencies, meaning other files (props or textures) they require to display properly in-game. .It's just a single.dat file you drop into your plugins folder, though it's trapped.exe file which means you need some way to extract it (more on that later). .I've only cd novela america internacional added a few buildings so far (a couple power plants, a click-for-money pavillion, a couple others but they're all working fine, just download, expand the Zip file, drop the resulting.SC4lot file into your Plugins folder and you're done. .FightThePower (No need to pollute your cities with inefficient power plants for the first part of the game.If you see a brown box in-game where one of your downloaded buildings should be, I think it's because you're missing a dependency file. .The water mod was relatively easy. .With the fightthepower cheat, all buildings will act as if powered.).I've also been using some terrain mods, specifially the Columbus Terrain mod, the CPT Tree controllers/models, a jagged edges mod, and the PEG Brigantine water mod. .
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