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Top 10 rare animals in the world

top 10 rare animals in the world

Brazils Parides Burchellanus source This butterfly is commonly seen in the forests of Cerrado, Brazil, but it became endangered with the passage of time.
Vietnams Red River Giant Softshell Turtle source Vietnamese consider this animal sacred.It is also popular for pet trade and has a market value of 300, particularly on some Ukrainian websites.Their common habitat is in Madagascar in the region of Baly Bay.Uncommon Common Sawfish sqlite manager for windows 7 source You can find this species in the subtropical and coastal tropical waters of Atlantic and Indo-Pacific oceans.Nelsons Small Eared Shrew source Shrews like this are widespread in Eastern Mexico, but their population degraded due to habitat loss caused by logging, agriculture and cattle grazing.There are approximately 60 rhinos in Java that live at the Ujung Kulon National Park.It is a fairly coarse measure but we have a set of quantitative criteria that we try to rank species under, and if a species moves into one of the threatened categories vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered then we know that a species either has. There are many reasons that cause the decline of their existence such as the changes in their habitat and the environment.The iucn red list tells us how close to extinction species are, Craig Hilton Taylor, head Red List Unit of the Global Species Programme at the iucn, told Business Insider.The horns of rhinos have a market value of about 30,000.Aside from the loss of habitat, the decrease in the population of this creature has been caused by a disease that commonly affects the commercial breed of bumblebees in particular.Presently, the estimated number of northern hairy-nosed wombats is about 115.Some are so critical that they are teetering on the brink of extinction.
Rare Roloway Monkey source This species commonly originated in forests such as Cote dIvoire and Ghana.
Bald Ibis from the North source, the ibis originated in Syria, Turkey and Morocco.