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Turn image into pencil sketch photoshop

turn image into pencil sketch photoshop

Note that the cheat pf ayodance 6091 video is from the updated Photoshop CC version of this tutorial but everything is fully compatible with CS6.
This will flatten the copy while preserving the original.
This version of the tutorial, fully updated from the original version, features a more flexible, non-destructive way to create the sketch effect by taking advantage of Photoshop's Smart Filters and adjustment layers, along with some handy layer blend modes.You have now just created the actual outline for your drawing.This will brighten the image a little.Next, go to Layer New Adjustment Layer Hue/Saturation.Convert the layer to smart object: Now you want to right click on the layer to convert using smart object.You now have what appears to be a pencil sketch.For that, we first need to convert the layer to a Smart Object.We'll try to convert this effect into a colored pencil sketch.Step 6: Change The Layer Blend Mode To Color Dodge In the upper left of the Layers panel, change the blend mode of the Background copy layer from Normal (the default blend mode) to Color Dodge : Changing the blend mode of the layer.Here's what it will look like as a black and white pencil sketch: The sketch in black and white.Hue/Saturation 1 above the Background layer: The adjustment layer sitting above the Background layer.You dont have to feel intimidated by line drawings once you get the hang.Then, just as we did back in Step 4, duplicate the Background layer by going up to the Layer menu at the top of the screen, choosing uk television x keygen New, then choosing Layer via Copy, or by pressing CtrlJ (Win) / CommandJ (Mac) on your keyboard: Once.And here's the same effect after adding back the colors from the original photo: The sketch in color.Note: You can use almost any photo to add the effects and create a realistic looking line drawing but keep in mind that the image in the white background.Desaturate top layer: Next you go back to the image at the top of the screen, then click on adjustments de-saturate which will de-saturate the image.We're gonna continue with a different image now.Step 5: Invert The Image Next, we need to invert the layer.
Watch the "Photo To Sketch Effect" video tutorial on our channel.