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Victoria 2 strategy guide pdf

victoria 2 strategy guide pdf

Mobilization - How does mobilization affect provincial populations?
Chances are, if it sounds negative, like chicken-hearted or inept, that you are better off keeping the default or current general unless the one you have is even worse.If your browser is set to automatically open PDF files and you wish to save it instead, right-mouse-click on the link and choose to "Save As".Use the navy to transport North African units to mainland France as quickly as possible.Purchasing - purchase units by right-clicking on any of your provinces or by clicking on the cannon icon toward the top left of the screen.Does building more factories of a certain type increase levels of that type?Somehow magically, the CSA was able to put about 115,000 troops back in the field instantly and all of the rest of the provinces were back in CSA hands.Remember that cutting spending by 3 per day equals an increase of cash reserves of 1000 per day).The key strategy for fighting war appears to be as follows: Keep several divisions on hand at all times at all times, whether fighting or not.62 even though it had perhaps 10 provinces unoccupied and armies in the field.Attrition - Units will attrite rapidly if the Army Maintenance slider is set low and/or if the unit is in enemy territory or a non-self controlled trading post.All else being equal, should factories be built where the factory efficiency is 100 over states where the efficiency is lower?It wasn't worth going out to meet them systools pcl pvt ltd - ahmedabad gujarat in battle until pes 2013 sun patch version 4.0 having three bingo players rattle original edit of my own, which was at least several months later.And watch out for aggressive invasions from Spain and any allies.Paradox Interactive - Published on 10/4/10See all, victoria.Vicky 2 forum will find their way to these pages as a way to archive strategy advice for future players.That time is a direct function of how many troops are in the territory.Be very careful when clicking since you may inadvertently "retreat" a unit without meaning to.If not at war, then keep them on stand-by, just large enough to fight any rebellions, but small enough to keep them from draining the budget.However, that may be further categorized by number of units under a single nation or leader since I was able to stack quite a few Belgian, UK and French units in the same province during WWI without any attrition.The Confederates get three ironclads rapidly.
I didn't leave my units lying around long enough to test them on defense.
As I moved my US units to the borders of Texas, my British loaned units were returned without any say so from.